Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Boots 17 Cosmetics

I have been thinking about changing my foundation for the Bare minerals but my budget has been tight this month so i decided just to buy a cheap powder to get me through the month. I popped into my local Boots on my lunch break and was attracted to the cheap prices and current 3 for 2 promotion on the 17 cosmetics. Well if its 3 for 2 i may as well get a new mascara too ( My Last YSL Mascara was a disaster i will do a review on this asap, please do not waste your money on it) .

I decided to go for

It cost me about £11 for all three products with the 3 for 2 promotion and as an added bonus i had enough advantage points to cover it. BARGAIN !!

The foundation and powder are amazing. I am so glad I tried these. I have always been nervous about buying new foundation, often been sucked in by sales girls telling me to buy £40+ numbers that have never went on as well as this foundation. 

It goes on like a dream I use a Sigma Kabuki Brush  to whiz mines on in about 2 minutes. It blend so well and i only need a tiny amount. I put my foundation on at around 6.30am and it has been lasting flawlessly until i get home at around 7pm. Even when i was sweating a bit on Saturday i added another quick layer of powder at around 3pm and my face looked as good as new. I dare say the condition of my skin is better, less oily. My fiancĂ©e and work colleagues both noticed instantly asked if I had changed my foundation.  

I can not urge you enough to please try this foundation it is awesome.

The mascara isn't brilliant i would give that a miss. Makes my eyelashes look like they are about to snap off. 


Danielle said...

Might have to give the foundation a go, I'm addicted to foundation x Danielle.


check it out and follow if you like it x

Recessionista said...

I'm not great with foundation but this one is just amazing and so easy to use.