Thursday, 15 March 2012

Garnier BB Cream Review

Garnier BB Cream avaliable at Boots  
I requested a free sample of Garnier's BB cream from their Facebook page, which is still available so get in there. I was really pleased when it came through my letter box and realised it had three samples in it. The samples have lasted me almost a week and a half. I was sent the light/medium colour. I was sceptical about this as I am quite olive skinned but it matched perfectly.

Garnier call this little beauty their "miracle skin perfecter" promising that the cream will reduce sun spots and imperfections and in just one application it will protect, moisturise, unify and brighten your skin. It can be used on it's own as a tinted moisturiser a makeup base or as a touch up on top of make up.

I had just got in from work and I couldn't wait to try the BB cream so I ripped open a packet and added a little on top of what remained of the makeup I had put on that morning. It instantly brightened my skin up - even my Mr commented that my skin looked "better" as he puts it. I have also tried the cream as a makeup base and on it's own.

I never thought I would get away with just a tinted moisturiser, but this truly makes my skin look fab. Garnier say you can even add a layer of the cream ,let it dry, and then add another layer on top to increase coverage. I have exceptionally oily skin so I have found that if i am wearing it on it's own i will need to add a powder to set it.

The product is currently avaliable from for £9.99 for 50ml which is fantastic value for money. Foundation normally come in 25ml quantities. It last for ages too. It comes in Light/ Medium or Medium/dark. You can also still pick up a free sample from their Facebook. 

I will definitely be buying this although i just spotted on that the No7 BB cream has a higher star rating and comes in Normal/Dry or Normal/Oily so I might give this a go before I make a final decision. has anyone tried this one or know where I could get a sample ?

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