Saturday, 14 April 2012

George: Miami Heat Range

George at Asda have just released there latest "To be seen in" Range. Miami Heat !!

 I was excited to see this as you all know i am a huge fan of George. I think they bring out some great on trend pieces at amazing prices. You just have to be prepaired to have a good look for them, they aren't always arranged right in front of you like high street stores you require a certain amount of imagination.

 I was really dissapointed with the Last "to be seen in" range which was tribal. It felt a bit mumsyy and to over done. This on the other hand is fab and i think i am going to buy the entire range to fill my suitcase for my holidays in a few weeks. Enjoy my favorite picks below and let me know what your favorite pieces , if any, are.

 Love D

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