Thursday, 5 April 2012

Jennifer Rose Jewellery

I came across this Jennifer Rose Jewellery in the beautiful Centrestage Dancewear in Linlithgow. I immediately feel in love with the jewellery. It is bright and delicate and very on trend. The jewellery is all silver plated and hand made by a local lady which makes me love it even more. Believe it or not it is actually designed for girls but there are many of the pieces that I love. I think Jennifer Rose Jewellery will make the perfect gift for big girls and little girls and I have bought a couple pieces for my nieces instead of Easter Eggs. The packaging is gorgeous too, nicer than anything i have ever seen on high end jewellery lines.


t said...

Nice jewelry!

CY said...

Great picks! Sorta reminds me of Links & Agatha bracelets! Cute!


RecessionistaD said...

Yea CY it does except it is alot cheaper ;)